A World Without Choice

In the dawn of this new age, there will be a tradeoff. A balance of choice and destiny will be broken. Soon man will not choose his career, lover, the coffee he drinks, who he kills, what he eats, anything you can think of or imagine. It will be a civilization in which the human brain is unlocked and our pleasures, tastes, and behaviors can all be predicted, monitored, and controlled. Does that scare you? If it does sadly that is the path humanity is moving towards. In the coming era of predictive algorithms what you believe and perceive to be true will not be. It will be customized and catered to your image and preference. People are complex but not so complex that it cannot be dissected like a science at a superficial level. Interpersonal skills that are developed naturally through family and friends will be replaced by this entity of Techno-Fascism. Humanity will not understand what love is because the world will be devoid of pain. There will be only ‘be’. The idea of existence. Breathing without meaning. The lion in the cage. An animal who once ruled with an iron fist now demoted to idling sitting in his cage. The cage for mankind will be so immersive that their reality will become blurred with the virtual. What is more poetic is that unlike the lion we will design and create our own cage. Humanity will be willing enablers of their own enslavement.


The Trump Fallacy


Donald Trump has hit a nerve in this nation, and people are just catching up. Americans are so cynical of the bureaucracy that Washington D.C has become. There is a strong segment of this country that has willing aligned themselves with his political platform. A man who was at one point in time often the pun of reality television, and a person who uses Twitter as his personal microphone to spew rhetoric that fits his own ideology. Yet we should see through his deceit as he is not an honorable man, but he is so out of the norm that people have gravitated to him. We should realize that Trump is a moron, but a moron that people are willing to trust more than the snake politicians that live at Capitol Hill and I don’t know what I find more depressing. His campaign understands that for many average Americans the economy is still the #1 issue in America since 2008 because the truth is that there has been no economic recovery for the middle class, and the working class has been pushed down even further. The only “economic recovery” really occurred for the top 1 percent who reside on Wall Street.

Trump is merely an uneducated citizen. Anyone who has a fundamental understanding of American history understands that immigration has always been a social, and political dilemma as historically there have been numerous times of large influxes into the United States. Unfortunately, the hatred and envy is misplaced. Now I am not saying that in the 21st Century America is not facing glaring issues when it comes to immigration instead what I am saying is that it is clear there is a pattern to this immigration backlash. When the economy is booming the nation can bring enough talent, and labor to fill the needs of the economy. When the party ends, and the economy is either in decline or stagnation it becomes easy to point the finger towards those who are not “American” it’s a cycle that is prevalent in Europe as well, but not to the same degree. The United States has a unique history when it comes to this type of dilemma because it has happened in different points in its history, and I think what sets the U.S apart is that it has occurred with various different groups of people from all over the world.

Immigration is an issue that deserves an entire post by itself. What I am attempting to convey is that it’s merely a convenient scapegoat. If you think hard about it the narrative is so simple that it repels the mind. Immigrants take our jobs. The jobs that we “true citizens” should be competing for. It’s easy to digest, and the masses can easily digest such narratives. The problem is that it’s not addressing the root of the issues, or the fundamental problems structurally that should be addressed. Trump is merely a symptom of a sick declining society. The sad part is that there are no other viable options. Our society likes to promote freedom of choice, but in reality we the voters don’t really have one.

My warning to you the voter is that it’s easy to give in to the easy narrative. The Trump narrative. If Trump wins it’s not because of his merit, but because he isn’t a man who’s affiliated with the political elite of Capitol Hill, and more importantly as rich as he is he’s not a man of Wall Street.

Lot’s of fake choices is no choice at all.

Death of Privacy(A New Era with a New War)

A new era and a new war. The world right now in the early 21st century is enduring a time of revolution and change. In a free flowing era of information technology, where everything seems open has smacked society with the truth: the rules of the game have changed. Governments want to seize information, monitor it, control it, because of the perceived threats it fears. Entire nations have refined the rules of what espionage is not only is it just targeting diplomats and government officials, but also the common citizen especially since accessing the normal lives of everyday citizens is even easier than it has been before in human history. Many people already knew or had a strong inkling but when it is slapped in your face as it was with the NSA and Snowden(if you haven’t been checking the news you should be). It becomes very apparent of what I have said before that privacy as we know it is dead. When we wish to interact with people through the cell phone, email, or video within that moment privacy is dead, but it was also dead when we wrote letters and telegrams. Spies and others often would intercept these messages, but it was not as invasive as it is now. Privacy ends when you are listening without permission on a private conversation, or when you are secretly watching someone in their own privacy either in person or by the use of technologies such as hidden cameras. Privacy is an illusion unless you are truly isolated. I sometimes wonder if people truly understand how limited freedom actually is. For instance you can take your own life at any moment, but you can also you get sick and die I am pretty sure not many people living today desire such a fate. An earthquake can destroy an entire city, at the moment we can’t control those types of events so there is no choice on our part. We often place choice with freedom. We can choose to buy certain products, we can choose which street to turn on, we can choose what mate we can to reproduce with, and various others examples of “choice.” As I mentioned before choice is not as “free” as we like to make it. Yes we can pick what novel to read, or what movie to watch, but we didn’t pick our parents, genetic code, or country of birth. All huge factors of our experience and quality of life. If you are born poor in India you will live a very different life, and perhaps an even shorter one compared to a rich person living in France. Yet a healthy African child can live longer than a cancer ridden baby in the United Kingdom. It is chance? Luck? or Destiny? This often goes into deep philosophical debates on the matter and also the human yearning to make the world a more equal place so that where you are born should not determine major aspects of your life.

Let’s go back to privacy and how information technology has changed the landscape. People who have access to information technology have access to massive information and create millions of different online communities where common interest and not geographical location plays more of a factor. People can build friendships across entire continents with only the language barrier stopping them. Yet it is this double edge sword that people are finally realizing. Society relies on common infrastructure and corporations to provide these services but they also have access to this information. Information that can statistically predict what products you will buy what websites you visit and what communities you are a part of. From the massive data society is outputting every single probable future that can be determined. A scary thought indeed thus the question remains how can a person be free and have choices when algorithms can determine what choices and places we will search next. It becomes apparent that we are not as truly free as we would like to believe. What I am trying to get across is that by merely saying “stop NSA” and “stop corporations” will not stop the changes that are occurring today. Someone will naturally yearn for power and today information is power. The illusion of freedom is so profound for if everyone is truly free would they not marry whoever they wished, be rich, good-looking, and powerful? I think many would but for those of us who understand such dangers we would reject such notions no matter how tempting it would be. Freedom is an ideal, and much of it is a human construct. We can choose to encrypt all personal data, or unplug ourselves from our technology, but now an entire generation especially those age 35 and under don’t think this is such an option. What this piece is attempting to do is to challenge what you think of freedom and liberty. Ask yourself what is freedom to you and how truly free are you? Going through this journey is important and I think one realizes that freedom is not as absolute as we would like to believe. There is choice but if choice is limited than how can that be freedom? The paradox continues.

Side Note: I recommend if you haven’t watched it to see it. PirateBay documentary