A World Without Choice

In the dawn of this new age, there will be a tradeoff. A balance of choice and destiny will be broken. Soon man will not choose his career, lover, the coffee he drinks, who he kills, what he eats, anything you can think of or imagine. It will be a civilization in which the human brain is unlocked and our pleasures, tastes, and behaviors can all be predicted, monitored, and controlled. Does that scare you? If it does sadly that is the path humanity is moving towards. In the coming era of predictive algorithms what you believe and perceive to be true will not be. It will be customized and catered to your image and preference. People are complex but not so complex that it cannot be dissected like a science at a superficial level. Interpersonal skills that are developed naturally through family and friends will be replaced by this entity of Techno-Fascism. Humanity will not understand what love is because the world will be devoid of pain. There will be only ‘be’. The idea of existence. Breathing without meaning. The lion in the cage. An animal who once ruled with an iron fist now demoted to idling sitting in his cage. The cage for mankind will be so immersive that their reality will become blurred with the virtual. What is more poetic is that unlike the lion we will design and create our own cage. Humanity will be willing enablers of their own enslavement.



Internet slaves.

The advent of the technological age will bring great wonders to our world. With it will arrive a force so powerful it will fundamentally change human existence. It will be marked by one historical alternating paradigm shift: The destruction of human nature. The genetic code of the human species will be written, and the history of the mammal will forever be changed. A dark abyss will slowly take hold and envelop everything in its wake. There will be neither life nor death but instead culture and civilization will be driven by a single force: Techno-Fascism. An energy so powerful mankind will merely submit and obey. Obey like the animal he is. From the ashes of previous civilizations will rise something anew. A monster that will destroy everything you currently comprehend as art, philosophy, and nature. It is not a being or object but an entity. An entity that will be more powerful than the advent of Christianity, Egyptian pharaohs, and The Third Reich combined. Providing a precursor of this entity is my final gift to humanity. This goes beyond the realms of science-fiction, the singularity, and perhaps everything humanity has ever known. In a world devoid of meaning, choice, and love humanity must ask itself once again if this is the path it wishes to follow and what does it mean to be human if such a perspective can truly exist in the future.

What is the best visual medium?

As someone who has enjoyed both the highest quality of western television to which I have found not only great entertainment but which have also personally influence my own beliefs. Yet if I had to choose between all the western shows, and anime I would have to still choose anime. Most of the time the shows are cliche and filled with the same tropes, but ever so often I find a gem that truly touches my heart. It’s not an industry that is as big as Hollywood or the big television networks of America. Overall I would have to say that western movies and television have overall more quality and meaningful stories. I probably have a preferential favoritism because anime does let me see the world in a different societies perspective. Granted there is much about the culture I don’t agree with, but nevertheless, I feel like there is something learn about ourselves in that.

I’ve also been a part of the gaming culture growing up, but unlike the gaming culture, the anime culture in the west is not mainstream it is not considered mainstream Japan as it is considered a bit niche. Granted there are differences between a casual, and a hardcore fan and when I say hardcore I don’t mean those who merely play more games than most, but people who understand the industry, culture, and its history. Putting gaming aside for now for which I could write an entire article for, and returning to the topic at hand. Anime has produced a handful of shows, and movies that I don’t think there are many western equivalents. I think it is particularly down to the medium itself. Unless you have a high budget for a movie or tv show it’s hard to create worlds that exist in the imagination. When you can merely draw (obviously there are computer enhancements involved in the modern day) it’s easier to build worlds that exist outside of the human mind. Worlds in which you can explore the deepest of the human aspects of the human soul. It’s why it’s such a shame that many just view it as weird, or merely a cartoon. Through all the junk one can find a silent beauty in it which can touch the hearts of the few who watch it. It is a shame that the industry often has to pander to those who only see the medium as a form of escapism because truly beautiful stories can sometimes be told only in through this art form.

There are some wonderful HBO, and AMC shows that truly do define the standard of quality what it means to have good writing. The themes that humans tackle are universal, but it is amazing how we can go about them in different ways. In a world where anime is often discredited, I feel like I should make my stand, and vouch for the art form that I love.

There is something truly intrinsically beautiful in drawing or painting. Art is something to be appreciated in my opinion. For those who haven’t enjoyed anime, I recommend you have an open mind, and give it a shot. If you are trying to avoid the “harem romantic comedies” and just get the straight serious material. Merely ask and I can point you in the right direction.

Book Update

If your are wondering about my novel I have decided to take a more careful approach. Before I publish online I will try to have 5 people review each of my chapters. With the feedback provided I plan to edit the original drafts. You can still continue to expect my shorter essay’s which is the bulk of this sites analytical material.