Female Revolutionaries

If you look at history closely you sometimes wonder if there is actually an objective truth. In classrooms, many events and historic moments are simplified so that we who live in the modern day can digest them. Perhaps only true intellectual historians can truly grasp the knowledge at their fingertips but even historians debate on historical events and their ramifications. Hopefully, you take the time to look at the list I have linked to.

It’s a short article citing the names of a few female revolutionaries who fought for their cause. History often forgets about the little people who helped mold and change history we know it today. Great movements and leaders are often built on the backs of the hard working and the strength of those who have no power so in honor of females who put in the heart and sacrifice during their respective time periods. I share this list with you in hopes of opening your horizons, and to the possibility that even if people forget your contributions who are also a part of history.