Media? Or Joke?


Social media puts a lot of pressure on journalists. I sometimes really do feel for them since if they don’t break the story first someone else will beat them to it. If that occurs then what is the point in following mainstream media outlets if anyone can break a story with the power of Twitter, Facebook, etc. What is concerning is how journalists can become so focused on their jobs that they forget that in life people’s lives matter. The spirit of journalism isn’t to break sensationalist stories but instead provide the people with valuable information of the events and issues they may not be aware of. To present the facts, and let the people decide for themselves what they want to believe.

Instead, we have the media giving us “a narrative” a story to follow, and a line of thinking we ourselves did not arrive at logically. Proper Journalism has become replaced with television talking heads who follow a script and emotionally charge the people. Emotion often overrides logic and reason. If you have wishes to influence the people and perhaps lead them. Appeal to the heart more than the mind. Sell the dream and by the time reality sets in it will be already too late. The power of propaganda is historically amazing no matter the medium if you can convince many to follow your “narrative” you have power. With that power, you can wield history.