The Matrix That Is Our Society

Growing up I have seen my share of movies. Some of my personal favorites have been Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Saving Private Ryan, and Terminator 2 just to name a few. This piece of writing will be about one of my favorite movie trilogies The Matrix. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend that you go watch it now. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good in my opinion. Anyone who knows about the films knows it’s contains many philosophical inspirations. There are many scene’s that one could pull from, and there are plenty which have been iconic, and very well known. For this piece I want to focus on the “system scene” if you need a refresher you can find it here. The scene is straightforward Morpheus is trying to teach Neo that people ingrained in a social system won’t see a world without it. This is the main point I want to highlight since it is very relevant in today’s society as well. People want to stay within their bubbles, want to believe in the cultural values they were ingrained with, and live with this comfort. If history is anything to go by you often realize that comfort levels, and value systems change overtime and sometimes it can happen suddently. Events happen, and can change a person’s perspective over night. Once your eyes are open to a different view of the world it can truly be profound, but you soon realize there are other ways to view the world and as you begin to discover them you begin to form your own view. As you do this you hopefully see that people are trapped in this broken view of the world. People become so dependent on “making it” in life they lose focus on real social values, and more importantly don’t realize how easy it is for it to be taken away. It is good to have goals, and dreams, but it is more important to not be consumed by them. Dreams are so easily shattered. Goals should be adaptable. For all the masterful planning, and strategy we can only factor in so much randomness, and chaotic variables. It is impossible to control absolutely everything especially with only the human capabilities we do have. We can only control our limited actions, attitude, and beliefs. Most of us unless we truly attain real absolute power are only very tiny players in the grand game of life.


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