The world without morals

Western democracies like to believe in freedom, respect, and the rule of law. Yet all you see is mostly corruption, special interests, and ignorance. Our politicians feed us lies, and deceive us selling us dreams, and easy to comprehend stories thus ignoring the complexities of real life. Nothing is ever black and white. The perfect examples of this type of “easy story narratives” is the drug war, the wars in the middle east, exploitation of labor, and other various morally ambiguous cases that have caught the attention of the public in the 21st century. This depressing reality is hitting the American public right in their faces, and a sense of depression has entered the hearts of the American people. Which in my opinion explains the reason why most popular television shows are filled with anti-heroes. Examples of this include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, True Detective, The Wire, and Game of Thrones these television programs have taken center stage, because people understand on a subconscious level that the simple stories that we were fed as children of good versus evil have no weight. We slowly learn that our laws, and principles are worth nothing. It’s still all about money and power. The west has fantasized for a long time that they as a culture have a higher moral standard than most, and that money wasn’t the end of all means, and that power was something could be mitigated through fair laws, and separation of powers.

Yet what have we as a society have learned is that power isn’t something that can be so easily controlled as it always corrupts, and it always leads to unintended consequences. Like the analogy I use with technology it is a “double edged sword”. With power you can change history you can create a path where none exist, but it can also destroy, and cause pain. It slowly corrupts your ideals, your dreams, and eventually your soul. You eventually realize that the water becomes muddy filled with the blood of your rivals, and enemies. You do the bad to justify the good and in the end there is nothing. There is nothing to believe in as there is nothing to trust for all you are left with is despair, and after loneliness. People like to stay ignorant because we feel like we live in a world of terror a world where fear exists at every corner. The world we live in today has no set moral code. There are only forces pushing, and pulling each other, and what only matters is which side you are on. Hopefully it’s the winning side. As they say only the victors write history. That’s it. It’s that simple there are no ideals, or secret truths, and there is only control, power, and deceit. It’s about using the cards you have been dealt, and doing the best you can. Hopefully you end up with a winning hand, but as so many of us are aware most us draw a pair of 2’s, and we have to bluff our way to the end.

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