A Generation Sacrificed Is a Generation Lost

The west has sacrificed it’s future for it’s present. The youth struggle to find jobs, and a purpose in society while those already middle-aged and particularly the old have left the liabilities of the future at their feet. Thus placing a burden on a generation that cannot possibly honor that obligation, but since the old generation that is slowly dying off, and won’t care since they will soon be dead. Trade deficits, Medicare, Medicaid, and other future liabilities are just the tip of the ice berg. It’s easy just to crunch out the numbers, and cite the debt that is owed. The more worrying issue is that the political institutions that are suppose to be the stabilizers of society are radically in decay. So the current youth have inherited not only liabilities they cannot possibly repay but also political institutions that people cannot trust because they are either corrupt or inept. So let’s revise the story.

Young people cannot find jobs as easily as generations of the past, they cannot really trust their political institutions, and local government. They have been tossed responsibilities and liabilities they cannot even comprehend, or pay. This is starting to sound like a really bad nightmare. Yet is it the reality the western nations face, and in no surprise they have done absolutely nothing. The same message is just merely replayed “Just chug along and keep doing your best” this message is going to fall on deaf years as the years come by. Now I understand the argument that states that the youth of any country are disconnected from the real issues, and are for the most part the most ignorant. They would rather watch funny videos, and spend more time on their Instagram photos, but I will state that is the fault of the society and culture itself, and not the youth themselves. The society has poisoned the minds of the not only the youth, but across every generation. The logic here is “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. Yet very few realize that the world we live in today is broken. No system of government, or economic system is ever perfect, but when one generation is sacrificed for another when the wealth gap is large across most industrialized nations, and relationships between the world nations are fractured one can only imagine the worse. War is coming, but not only on the battlefield will this war be fought, but also in the heart and mind of every living human being on this planet. It is sad to see how this world as denigrated. The democratic process is a joke, people vote with their monetary interests most of the time.

Where have the principles gone? Where is the honor? Where is the decency? People don’t make their decisions on logic, or what they believe. It’s just one moment of pleasure to the next. It has fragmented our mind, and distorted the value system of everyday people. Many would have you believe that the craving for clothing, and luxury goods is natural yet people lived without it before their existence, and most probably could if forced to. Also why are there people who can live without the constant need of consumption? These “smart” intellectuals don’t often have answers to these questions. Society asks us to merely accept our role as a human machine. We are born ,we eat, we work, we consume, we reproduce, and we die. That’s the cycle which humans have been trapped in for generations. By understanding yourself you can live your life on you terms. By understanding human history from multiple perspectives you can help shape humanities future. The problems humanity faces in 21st century requires out of the box thinking. If we continue to be trapped humanity in the 22nd century will not be a humanity we can recognize.


Animation A Lost Art?

Recently I have been watching a numerous number of Disney films. Mainly because my younger brother is on summer vacation, and he’s not allowed to play any video games at the moment as a punishment. As we were browsing Netflix I encouraged him to watch films I had grown up as child watching in my childhood. After a couple viewings it suddenly dawned upon me that in my homeland traditional hand drawn animation wasn’t as prevalent as before. The movies I had grown up watching, and idolizing no longer existed for my little brother who was born after the turn of the century. I am most probably late to the party because I don’t follow Disney as closely as others do since most of my focus when it comes to animation is aimed toward Japan, and in that country 3D hasn’t exactly taken over yet. I am not saying 3D animation is bad in any form I have enjoyed many films that have utilized 3D such as Toy Story, and Wall-E. I believe there is a place for 3D, and the fact in my opinion that video games are a form of art(those are mostly made using 3D engines). Should be evidence enough that I have admiration for any form of art, and the valiant artists who work on them. Especially since I am someone who lacks in such capability.

As I finished watching some of Disney’s older films I realized that in the United States we truly have lost something. There is something very touching about 2D animation that I don’t know how to describe. I would usually say it’s just nostalgia, and often in cases like these it is. Often the old games, and novels I liked are more memorable than they actually were, and I later realize that stuff material today is far superior This often happens in my case when it comes to video games. Why I think this time is different is because my little brother’s reaction to these films. He absolutely enjoyed them, and he wished for more. He didn’t necessarily prefer them over the many films he has seen in the movie theaters, but he began enamored with them because he truly hasn’t seen films like these in his short life so far. He loved the music, the characters, story, and most importantly the animation. You may ask won’t a kid like everything? Not necessarily, and what surprised me is that I still liked these films as much as I did as young child myself. That doesn’t always happen. We are often told as adults that we have to outgrow such pleasures, and that if we don’t we never really “matured” which in my opinion is complete bullocks.

What this whole experience has made me realize is as someone who is still spoiled by modern 2D animation from Japan. I took for granted the marvelous films that I enjoyed once as a child that were produced by Disney. I had seen CGI (Computer-generated Imagery) as merely the next step, and since I loved movies like Toy Story so much I didn’t think much of it, and I had anime to transition to anyways so I didn’t think much of it. Yet it was after watching movies with my brother I searched for modern Disney 2D films, and didn’t find much. That is when I realized that the industry had moved on. What sadden me was that many of the programs my brother enjoys today is of lower quality. Not only in animation, but a lot of shows he watches now are just a bunch of actors on a television set. Not saying acting isn’t a form of art, but it’s a shame that 2D animators have been displaced to such a degree. Granted many of the cartoons my sister grew up with were animated in 2D, and I know it hasn’t absolutely died yet in America. Now I can understand some of the paranoia many have in the Japanese animation industry when it comes to CGI, and why many fans absolutely hate it. I think that’s why there is still a resistance within the anime community. Unlike Disney who had positive feedback, and an audience who was willing to transition in the anime fandom CGI is seen as inferior, and not something to be encouraged. I think as time passes the barrier will weaken, and people will become more open to the idea of CGI, but at the moment I do see a lack of respect for 3D animators. In part stems from the fear of what occurred to Disney will happen to the Japanese industry. I am still not sure this fear is unfounded or not, but what I do know about the niche of anime fans is that they won’t let 2D die without a fight.

In conclusion what I am trying to convey is that it’s a shame that hand drawn animation isn’t as featured as much as it should be, but I hope that technology can improve to such a degree in which CGI can blend with the magic of the past, and create art that can truly touch the soul. I say that because when I look back the 3D movies I enjoyed because of the music, and the story. With hand drawn I truly enjoyed the purity of the art itself. There was something very elegant, and profound in it. It didn’t feel as robotic. Even though 2D animated is also not not as “perfect” as many who are nostalgic are lead to believe. I guess it all winds down to the fact that as a kid I drew a lot. I wanted to draw my favorite characters that I saw everyday on my television, and wanted to be a part of their story, and more importantly create my own. Drawing to me just felt so natural to do even though I have no talent for itt. It’s not dead in any means it’s still the basis of much of the artwork we love, and appreciate today. As I write this I guess I have realized I too am nostalgic for the movies of old, and the elegant artwork that touched my heart as a young boy.

Project Euler Problem #1

From time to time I live to solve programming problems I find online. I find them to be a good brain exercise, and it keeps me sharp. One of the sites I like to use is Project Euler the problems found here are  mathematical in origin compared to other types you could do (but don’t worry I do plenty of those also).

So every so often expect a post like this one in which I dissect a Project Euler problem, and give my solution. It should be fun, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Don’t worry my other type of content isn’t going to disappear.

Problem #1

If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5, we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of these multiples is 23.

Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 100

Note: I do understand there are more efficient solutions to the one’s I have written, and perhaps sometime in the foreseeable future I will go back, and write a more efficient solution.

This problem is simple enough we are looking for the sum of the numbers that are multiples of either 3 or 5 that are within 100.

Except I am going to go a little further let’s say we want to find the sum of all the numbers that are multiples of 3 or 5 less than N. This N could be 50, 100, or 2,000 it’s a place holder value in a sense. Those who are familiar with mathematical notation will recognize.

from sys import argv
n = argv[1]

This code is written to handle the command line argument so that we can run the program as follows.
python file.py [ARG]
Nothing fancy it’s just there to handle the input of the value of n.

So to solve this problem the approach is simple. We simply loop until n, and while doing so we test each value 0….N and if it’s divisible by 3 or 5 we add it to the sum. We check this by using modulus operation which returns the remainder of the two arguments. For example 42 % 2 = 0 because 42 is divisible by 2 without remainder. Thus we want to test if a number let’s call it x if x % 3 = 0 or x % 5 = 0 we know we are on the right track.

def problem1(n):
    Find the sum of multiples of 3 and 5 less than n
    n = int(n)
    answer = 0
    for n in range(0, n):
        if n % 3 == 0 or n % 5 == 0:
            answer += n
    return answer

print problem1(n)

If your confused by the or statement I used I did that to save time. You could have easily written two if statements testing each of the two conditions, but I am lazy, and wrote it all on one line saving me the effort. As you can see this is actually a pretty straightforward problem. Yet this isn’t the most efficient solution. If I ever get around to writing it myself you can expect another post on the matter.

Does true romantic love truly exist?

Logically anything we feel is a just a chemical reaction in our brain. How can signals in our brain create meaning? That I do not know. My intuition is that attraction is at first physical, and later if the personality comes a long that is just an added bonus. There has to be a reason people have affairs, and often divorce. I am not utterly convinced that marriage is a natural state for human beings. Even though we like to impose such moral codes on society we often see that with temptation that for most it means nothing. We romanticize the ideal of love, and perhaps we twisted it so much we don’t even know how to define it. Perhaps romantic love does exist, but perhaps it isn’t suppose to last forever and only for a small periods of time. Or are we confusing passion and lust with love? Yet even the most “stable” relationships after decades of stability have ended abruptly. Have we sent generations of young people chasing something that only exists in our minds? We have shed too many tears for something that is merely an idea. Humans can grow to love anything. I agree there is a difference between compassionate love, and the love of passion. If you have experience with love it is often said that that there are no words to describe it, and you are lost in the moment, but once it is taken away it is like a knife striking the heart.

Love and pain are two sides of the same coin. One doesn’t exist without the other. Another perspective is to think of the idea of “love” as a practical method of ensuring that the species reproduces. We love our partner, our world, our offspring, and we wish to protect it. If we did not have such feelings our species would have died away a long time ago. For all the torture we want to believe in this emotion, and feel it again it tears us apart, but it is a drug we keep coming back to. When I was younger and much more naive about the world it was an idea I use to believe in. I thought that you could bond with someone in such a deep way, but as a grew older I began to see that truth. It was just all a lie as such ideals are so often easily shattered. So the question remains is “love” just a reproductive tool we assign meaning to or is it something that we can truly say exists outside the laws of nature. I have to go with the former. Since at least in my experience humans are good at assigning meaning when there is none. A humans nightmare is an existence without meaning. Anything we feel, believe, and fear we assign a meaning a feeling. We hide behind our symbols, history, literature, mathematics, and logic. We are as clueless as we were before. Authors, and musicians time and time again have suffered and thought about the same themes repeatedly. The cycle is persistent, and it is never ending. The world will end as it began. How many times have we lived the same existence made the same mistakes experienced the same fears and desires. How many times have we cried to sleep searching asking the ultimate question “why”?

Life is pain that is a truth that any human no matter where they were born or when will say it an inescapable truth. My opinion is that the challenge is how we learn to live with pain. Learn to live with no hope no salvation to live in a world that the only thing that is guaranteed is death. Either 50 years from now or tomorrow night. So go experience love, and pain and suck it all in, but don’t be blind to something that exists beyond your mind. There is no scientific law, or magic rules. There is only the experience of living without fear, be angry, cry, yell, laugh, and love. Even all those great people who you read in the history books will become meaningless. Something will replace everything we knew someday. Money, power, and glory are all traps. Hold onto your principles firmly understand why you choose to believe in what you believe in. Cherish them, love them, and protect them. Most importantly use them to guide you in life, and forge your own path. Remember love does exist but only in our minds.

The world without morals

Western democracies like to believe in freedom, respect, and the rule of law. Yet all you see is mostly corruption, special interests, and ignorance. Our politicians feed us lies, and deceive us selling us dreams, and easy to comprehend stories thus ignoring the complexities of real life. Nothing is ever black and white. The perfect examples of this type of “easy story narratives” is the drug war, the wars in the middle east, exploitation of labor, and other various morally ambiguous cases that have caught the attention of the public in the 21st century. This depressing reality is hitting the American public right in their faces, and a sense of depression has entered the hearts of the American people. Which in my opinion explains the reason why most popular television shows are filled with anti-heroes. Examples of this include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, True Detective, The Wire, and Game of Thrones these television programs have taken center stage, because people understand on a subconscious level that the simple stories that we were fed as children of good versus evil have no weight. We slowly learn that our laws, and principles are worth nothing. It’s still all about money and power. The west has fantasized for a long time that they as a culture have a higher moral standard than most, and that money wasn’t the end of all means, and that power was something could be mitigated through fair laws, and separation of powers.

Yet what have we as a society have learned is that power isn’t something that can be so easily controlled as it always corrupts, and it always leads to unintended consequences. Like the analogy I use with technology it is a “double edged sword”. With power you can change history you can create a path where none exist, but it can also destroy, and cause pain. It slowly corrupts your ideals, your dreams, and eventually your soul. You eventually realize that the water becomes muddy filled with the blood of your rivals, and enemies. You do the bad to justify the good and in the end there is nothing. There is nothing to believe in as there is nothing to trust for all you are left with is despair, and after loneliness. People like to stay ignorant because we feel like we live in a world of terror a world where fear exists at every corner. The world we live in today has no set moral code. There are only forces pushing, and pulling each other, and what only matters is which side you are on. Hopefully it’s the winning side. As they say only the victors write history. That’s it. It’s that simple there are no ideals, or secret truths, and there is only control, power, and deceit. It’s about using the cards you have been dealt, and doing the best you can. Hopefully you end up with a winning hand, but as so many of us are aware most us draw a pair of 2’s, and we have to bluff our way to the end.

New Material Coming Soon

By this point I’ve re-posted all the material from my previous blog, and everything from this point forward is material I’ve slowly worked on in the past 2-3 years.

Besides the announcement I leave you with a little speech given by Jeremy Corbyn I am not specifically supporting everything he says, but I am more interested in the style of how the British elite politicians and members of their society conduct themselves. It’s one of the unique aspects of British culture which I think the rest of the world could learn from.

Challenge Yourself

Society has become twisted. A person values their success based on their income, or by the number of people who show interest in their life. You see this with people who are obsessed with having large number of friends particularly on social media. We have allowed a new generation of online celebrities gain unprecedented influence on the world. Not saying they are worse than the gatekeepers of before, but I doubt many understand that with that influence comes responsibilities. No one can doubt their hard word, and the fact their is a market for their talent. These are the artists of our time since, and for the first time ever people who have the ability can easily share their talent with everyone, but in this saturation we can sometimes feel overwhelmed. So like always we look for something or someone to filter through all the material. We take recommendations from friends, bloggers, or institutions we think are credible. I know anyone reading this can think of examples in their personal lives. Without even thinking about it we find ourselves in a repeated cycled checking the same sites, and viewing the same material in an endless loop. We become trapped in this artificial personal bubble.

Which is why when Stumbleupon first became an Internet sensation I thought the purpose was pretty novel. We should challenge ourselves little by little to find something new even if it doesn’t fit our interests. All it takes 10-15 minutes every couple of days to have that resolve to pick up that random book or read that random online forum. Yes you may be challenged, or bored, but you may also find something beautiful and new. We often place too much importance on individuals who seem god like. Weather it be the athlete who can run a 4.2 second forty yard dash , the artist who can paint, or the writer who produces literature. We tend to often forget they are humans just like us who sleep, eat, pee, cry, and laugh. We become fixed on living our lives through others that we begin to lose sight of what is real and precious. Later this becomes a reality where the artificial no longer matches the reality. That fiction is preferred over the non-fiction. My lesson to you is to learn from your hero’s but do not idolize them. We place too much focus on what something means, or what the proper interpretation of book, movie, television show should be and not enough time just “experiencing” and taking in your own opinion or inner thoughts. I say this as someone who has devoted most of their life with the fundamental belief that there is a way to break down everything in our world into basic facts or principles. That our world can be like a chemistry book, and what we do not understand is because we have yet to discover it. All I ask is how can we have people who watch Netflix all day, and such that it becomes a strong focal point of their existence. Eat, sleep, work, reproduce, and die.

Do we solely exist so that the society can be productive? So that the desires of humanity can be focused into the capitalistic culture humanity has created? The message is clear we exist to consume, and keep the wheels of the money making machine turning. How long can this last? Where has the pride gone? The value of work? Of relationships? Of building something greater than yourself? Using creativity to share, and cherish. Contributing to society instead of merely consuming. Perhaps that society has never existed. For human existence has been always filled with inequality. Better minds than mine have attacked this problem, and the best answer I’ve seen is that some vague solution will appear, and people will realize it is time to “move on” to the best alternative for us all. What kind of answer is that? That’s no answer at all. I am not asking for perfection, because I don’t even know what that is. Frankly anyone who claims to have that answer do not know what they are talking about. I am just asking the questions we all have, but we hide from each other because we want to give the illusion we know what we are doing. People so easily forget that they are mortal , and potentially living a life without worth. Our dreams, and goals just like our genetics are inherited. In some form we are just mere copies of each other. We have basic needs, but we all address them differently. At one point the universe came from a singular point we are all interconnected, we feel alone, but we are not alone. Past, present, and future is all intertwined. I wish I had all the answers, but I don’t. Surprisingly it doesn’t scare me, but instead is the fuel that keeps me going. I promised myself I wouldn’t regret any action I took in life, but when ever my life does end I feel I will have one dying regret: That I never found all the answers I was looking for.