When We Eat The Gods

Humanity is entering an interesting point in human history where information technology is expanding at a rate in which has never been seen before. The power of the computer has yet to be fully realized, and the transformative power of it has yet to reach its peak. Never before in human history have we seen these kinds of developments. All of the great thinkers before us could not fathom the world we live in today and many of us who are live today could not envision the world as it is. If you asked people in the 1970’s that something like the internet would exist in almost every home and every electronic device only few would share your vision. For the future is unpredictable in its timing and behavior for us who try to understand it can only look at our past and present knowledge. We can only see what is before us and based on our intellect can deduce the trends that exists and the realistic events than can occur. Humanity has had a long history of development, prosperity, and decline. For some reason on this planet a species like ours was allowed to flourish and exist as if the evolution was meant to be. Often religious people take this and run with it, for “we are the chosen people” and “we are God’s image” messages that often are preached in religious circles.

This article is not to debate if these are right or wrong but only to state that even if one believes this is correct or incorrect one cannot debate that it there is something special/peculiar about our species. What is interesting to note is that it is a strong possibility that we may be entering an entirely new era or transition point where eventually humanity as we know it will not be the “king  of the pyramid” but instead something else entirely will be put its place. Now I cannot tell you exactly what will take place and there are many other writers/futurists who will have just as many theories based on logic and luck. To foretell this far in the future often one is lead into failure, but nevertheless I will make the attempt. I make this attempt because unlike other thinkers I actually do not believe I will see this reality but merely the beginning of it. So I will be able to realize if I was correct or incorrect, but I will say this that many of the issues of the past that have plagues humanity will be brought to the surface and depending on how it turns out the actions and reactions of those events will forever change the history of our said universe. Let’s begin with the fundamental aspects of our species. Humanity has made progress it has developed but now we are seeing the limits of what humanity can bring. Humanity is contradicting, corruptible, and irrational far too often for its own good. For all the good aspects humanity can bring such as community and creativity it is clearly evident we are still very immature as a species.

Let’s look at the paradox of our own species living circumstances, we all know deep down(yes even the global-climate deniers) that if we over populate and over consume that living life on this planet as it is will be disrupted. Perhaps we can survive such disruption but why would we take just a gigantic risk with our own survival? This goes beyond any form of discrimination/division,  but the very survival of our entire species. The logic is simple if we place a rat in a large room, and give it resources to live on and let it multiply exponentially eventually the isolated system(like the earth is) the species will have to decrease its population in order to survive(reach an equilibrium with its ecosystem) and if the resources are still available maintain its survival if not it will merely die out because it had over extended its living capacity and thus became an irreversible decision. I do think technology and science can help build solutions and create a more sustainable human future, yet I think it is the human aspect of excess and need that is lead us down this dangerous road. It is my firm belief that if this is not openly addressed in open discussions it can very well lead us to our eventual downfall. It is not only the environment where the issues lies but also within our own societies and cultures which has become so destructive to each other. We have created a society that is very shallow and lonely.

A society where many are disillusioned, exploited, and depressed  a culture where instead of recognizing common ancestry and that all life is interconnect and our diversity as a species and the biodiversity we live is something beautiful and to be cherished instead we hate upon each other we pay no attention and often discriminate not only each other but also ourselves. If you truly reflect on it is truly sad but it should also drive us to move beyond this to evolve and bring forth our species best qualities. All too often it is merely wasted and human potential is only used to live in a sort of fantasy world which has no true value nor purpose where it should be used into shaping our future to create a better tomorrow. A hard and difficult task, one with many pitfalls yet a mission that was trusted upon us.


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