Star Trek

So recently I have been watching Star Trek the original series. I usually have a hard time watching anything that is beyond the 70’s since I wasn’t even born during the time period. I expected the lack of special effects and the dialogue hasn’t been bad as bad as a I thought. The hairstyles of both the men and women were pretty unusual if you compare it to the present day. Women hairstyles were actually not that bad it’s the men that seems a bit old school for my taste.

I give the show a lot of credit when I was young my family watch a lot of the series that came after the original Star Trek Series. The Next Generation is a big favorite in my family which by the way I will have to watch myself  at some point in the future to give it my opinion. Now I am a big sci-fi guy, Star Wars films are movies I watched a lot as a kid the original trilogy and the new prequels. My family would watch Star Trek but I wasn’t able to get into it as a kid but only as an adult I can give it some appreciation. Stargate is the show I watched as a kid/teen and a show I do have a personal preference for.

Now for a 60’s show I give it a lot of credit since it had a very diverse casting, and parables. I did a little research on my own about the show (wikipedia) and found my initial suspicious correct. The show at least the original series has lots of contemporary messages for that time period. I also give it credit for taking bold steps with its diverse cast given its time period. I bet not many shows or even people who even had the courage to do so at the time. 1960’s were an unusual time period for the country(USA if I have foreign readers)

I do have to say though lots of freaking gorgeous women on the show, I mean it seems every actress on the freaking show is attractive I mean I’ve seen modern British and US shows with a lot less eye candy. Tons of Captain Kirk make out sessions I mean at one point I think every female “friend” of his in the show he kisses. Granted I wasn’t fully expecting that type of character archetype but I found it pretty humorous  since I have seen a lot of anime with the same type of male character who also have lots of girls chasing the main protagonist. It seems that even 50 years ago it was cool to be a womanizer but if a women does the same she is a whore(which I find very sexist).

Double standards I do not necessarily approve of. I am only starting the second season and I will one day write about my final thoughts of the show once I am done with it. Some of the cheesy lines so far do make me laugh though.  I guess people in 20 years will say the same of my own favorite shows.


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