We Are The Universe

We tend to forget to we are all one. At a certain point in time we came from one piece of matter. Even if you are heavily religious you must believe that we all came from a common place. We are compromised of the atoms of the universe all those who have ever lived and not lived. All species past, present, and future. We are a part of this universe we cannot completely comprehend. The stars are us and we are the stars. We are both Ghandi and Hitler. Light and dark. As a species we are cowardly obsessed with our pride and ego. We are the chosen species that we are the ones that bring meaning to everything to the world for our needs. Yet it seems quite the opposite we are more interconnected with this world than we tend to believe. Humans tend to forget the very idols they worship, athletes, celebrities, historical figures, and role models we are them as they are us. A simple thought yet a powerful one for it means that we are both saint and devil. Charity worker and rapist. Murderer and lover. Yet it is the unwillingness to discuss and accept this which does not allow us to make progress on moving beyond our faults. The only true progress so far as been a result of our fear of punishment, and death. For now we have the technology capability to destroy all and societies laws teach us how to behave based on previous societies and doctrine. I believe that to truly transform ourselves we need a different kind of motivation if we are to take the next step one based not of fear but of courage. Sometimes we need courage to do what is needed.


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