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            You know what I love about the internet these days. It’s that it has become a social hub for human interaction. The best thing about it is that people are perhaps even more open or mischievous then they are in real life. People are more willing to lie about the truth. About who they are because they have a need to impress or just feel insecure about themselves. While others have a false sense of security and are open to reveal things that perhaps they would only usually confide only with their close friends in a face to face conversation.  When I started on Facebook first started up I was pretty much addicted I checked it everyday and left it on for a couple of hours each day. Uploaded pictures and filled out the profile info. Now years later I only check perhaps once a week and for only 30 seconds mainly because I still have close High school friends I keep in contact with. Most of the time all though those “friends” that I have just spam my  feed with status updates and pictures. Oh the pictures. I have this one person who’s more in the category of people “I know but not my close friend” but not in the “acquaintance category” somewhere in the middle of those two categories. Trying not to reveal any of this persons personal info out of courtesy but let’s be honest if your uploading or typing certain things its public(something I can’t stress enough to people). Sharing = public(even though many do not seem to understand that). Well this person upload pictures like no other and yes I know it’s easy now but  this person uploads like no other. I mean every time I log on for 30 seconds there it is. These are not pictures of just the face or vacation. It’s like night life, house parties, and a lot of stuff that many professional would deem unacceptable. I mean there’s lots of suggestive pictures along with the booze and who knows what else. Here I am thinking “does this person realize that companies and others people check this site.” Heck people can also hack personal information and get this stuff  and just expose all of it for no reason at all. At the same time its college life and many people tend to not think beyond the next day. Heck that is just my opinion on the matter.
            Now moving along I want to share some YouTube(like how now YouTube is a word recognized by spell-check) comments I found on the web recently. Like I mentioned before (you post it its public). The subject matter is about cheating during exams. Here are some anecdotes that were posted. Again people really do have a false security when they are on the internet. First one up:
Take photos of the notes with iPhone, turn down brightness, organize notes into folders by topic/subject, take wall seat second from back to avoid suspicion and rest phone on lap shielding eyes with non-writing hand “resting” your head. The dudes sitting next to me don’t even notice.
So he or she misspelled organize but yet again I can’t criticize because I have horrible grammar. I still wonder why I blog. Perhaps I still believe I can improve. The iPhone cheat is pretty common nothing new, my High School teacher would tell you to put your phone on the ground face down. Now you may ask what if the you didn’t have a phone. I often wondered that myself but everyone had a cell phone. When I went to college the teachers didn’t have same policy but if you got caught man you were SCREWED. Well if you cheat anytime you are screwed unless your an athlete who brings in the money or a rich boy.
Next up:
 I had many a male teacher in high school, and was lucky enough to have large breasts. I would simply write my answers on a tiny piece of paper and come the day of the test I would wear a shirt I could see down. I would place the tiny cheat sheet between them. I never got caught because really how would a teacher explain that? “Oh, I was looking down her shirt and caught her cheating.”??? I don’t think so… XD
            I  like this one. I am not a women so this would ever cross my mind but this one is pretty smart. What is funny about this is that women complain about being objectified as sex objects and yet here is an example of some girl using it to her advantage because it’s true the teacher can’t be caught looking at a student sexually. I sometimes wonder why women don’t run the world especially good looking women. Men tend to think with their pants. I’ll have to admit I do also sometimes. Hot women can get away with a lot, but women in general should. Perhaps that’s the fear of men, if women are in control they will never lose it.
Next story:
Unlike my friends who taped their answers on their legs so when they crossed them they would see the answer I would just write my answer on a little piece of cheat sheet, then copy it on the table so I can cover it with my test and throw the cheat paper away. Afterwards I just erase my pencil and if it’s pen I use wet tissues for removing make-up.
            This one I have seen with my own eyes. I was in my calculus class(boy do I have some stories for that class). I had this guy sit next to me and write equation and examples on his desk in pencil. All our desks were connection in a circular fashion around  white board where the teacher wrote. Now it got even worse this student once asked me during the example to give him my note sheet for some money. I refused I don’t sell out (I didn’t even end up doing well on the exam anyways). I don’t know if this student ended up passing the class but knowing college curves he most probably did.
            I actually enjoyed during this type of social commentary. Basically if you cheat make sure you know what you are doing and are aware of the consequences of cheating. Yeah I am not going to tell anyone to not cheat because we all cheat in our own way. Asking for a friends notes after he or she took the test or perhaps borrowing previous exams. So it’s just down to what method who choose and whether how socially acceptable it is. 

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