When will the civilized age begin?

I believe that the civilized age begins,not when we reach solar energy, nor is it when we achieve artificial intelligence or even when humans gain the ability to teleport across oceans . In my humble opinion it begins when humanity can re-construction a society that has a better understanding of creation, destruction, and recreation.A culture that fosters knowledge without prejudice and accepts mistakes as it does success. A society that fosters the balance between individuality and collectivism along with people who have a better grasp that chaos and order mesh together.

A value system is in place that promotes knowledge, understanding, sustainability, reason, and freedom. Where discussions are listened to and openly accepted. Contrasting opinions are heard and are constructive. We can all agree to disagree. A world where there is no state and we recognize that we live as one humanity species and not separate parts. A world that fosters human creativity and ingenuity and a world that is filled with open minds. That is when we truly become an open-source society.Where knowledge is free, learning is free, and most importantly we are free to learn. Self-indulgence, ego, and possession are trivial. That the only continuity is information, where patterns of information is being passed down from generation to generation. Information is constantly flowing. In essence true civilization begins when we stop attacking each other.

In other words until we respect not only ourselves but the universe around us we will never be at a civilized species. Perhaps we will never reach that point or perhaps we will. Such an interesting dilemma is it not? The universe will exist long before and after us. Humanity takes the world for granted a truth which is indeed sad but none the less true. Universe is filled with remarkable beauty. It is literally everywhere from a flower, to a cell phone. Everything in quite remarkable if one just sits to take a moment watch, listen, and see.Yet humanity has decided to fill its own needs with celebrity, status, consumerism, possession, and ego. Yet we can do quite remarkable things. Create an artificial light, a phone, and music beyond imagination.When one hearts Mozart and Beethoven one can feel deep down the genius of humanity.

There is great potential, but it is merely potential. Every person has the potential to be intelligent and have their own unique stories and art. It is why it is my hope that with the internet that decentralization becomes a true reality. Perhaps for the first time in human history technology will empower people who share, teach, learn, and grow to understand each other. Perhaps it is been my greatest disappointment that the internet has become corrupt by “garbage” content of the artificial needs and endless stupidity but yet again it is merely my perspective and opinion. Somehow for the rest of it is filled with meaning and wonder. I respect that even though I may not necessarily agree with this type of value system.Yet is it status quo and even though it saddens me it is something I must learn to accept but, this is a challenge at the same time.

Changing the world may seem hard, but it is like developing the first airplane it takes one step at a time. One ripple leads to another and another. At the minimum I hope that my ideas and thoughts can open doors for others. I charge no cost. I am always willing to discuss with anyone I have no prejudice. If you listen to me I will listen to you. The civilized age man dream of will one day come of age, but one must remember that perfection can be subjective and that is the key to everything.

“Let tears flow of their own accord: their flowing is not inconsistent with inward peace and harmony.” Seneca (5 BC – 65 AD)


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