Prism of the Mind

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein.

In today’s modern world information overloaded is a very relevant issue. If you walk into any library one can be overwhelmed by all of the knowledge one can potentially acquire. Now with the World Wide Web the information can now seem like it is infinite. I believe that gaining intelligence from information technology will be a key for the next two decades. It can often seem very daunting when a one tries to pursue all of this knowledge. We are often scared of engaging in this life long challenge, because often new ideas can conflict with our own. So therefore, it becomes easy to just not question. It truly is the easiest path to follow, but on the other side there is knowledge which is a form of power and with that power comes responsibility. This is a lesson that is not discussed very often. That pursuing the truth and focusing on the development of the mind is a challenge that is perhaps the hardest in life. A person may climb one mountain to only to find another. During this engaging process new insights of not just the self but the world as a whole is achieved. When the mind is young the mountains are much easier to climb because there are small and the mind is full of eagerness to learn. As one gets older the mountains become taller, and steeper. People become stagnant and less mobile. The mind becomes less like water and more like rock that is stubborn and unwilling to change.

We live in a diverse world where people have multiple interests and it is easy to get a general picture of the human society and culture by merely watching, listening, and seeing for yourself. I think people today are complacent and stop at a certain mountain and stop questioning and asking. That is because it is easy to follow that easy path. It is easy to ignore and hate. To fear and destroy. To think that it is not possible and that it could never happen. That today never changes and that everything is built in stone. We want and expect easy answers and choices in life. If we do A we should receive B. Everything in a orderly and linear progression. We only trap ourselves in such thinking. Thus it becomes an everyday challenge to push beyond those limits. It is a difficult journey and it has no end. Perhaps knowing that there is no tangible award is what discourages many.

Knowledge is infinite. Knowledge is not lost but merely never discovered. Discovery of knowledge is an evolutionary process. As a species we have more knowledge in our fingertips than compared to fifty or a hundred years ago. Yet just like the analogy I made with the mountains after every mountain we as a race open new doors of possibilities. We merely answer one question just to have even more questions. We sometimes ask when will we have all the answers? Will we ever?

Therefore it is easy to just stop and feel secure in certainty. Why venture into the darkness when we are safer in the light? Why take the blue pill(Matrix film reference if you have not seen it my apologies, but you should watch it) and seek the truth when it is not ideal? Humans are often said to be curious beings and in my opinion that is true to some extent. The question we should ask is why and when do people stop being curious? When do we stop our own curiosity? And how?

History, sociology, physics, language, and art are in fact all one. All these interconnected because if you study one of them long enough you realize that you cannot have one without the other. We live in an emergent world where the mathematics, language, and the image can bring color and description to this world. The constant evolution of information makes the world we live in a constant flux and thus provides many dangers because it can be constructive as it is destructive. The Light and The Dark, the battle in between in that “little gray” area which is the very battleground of reason and discussion. I would not have it any other way. Why would we wish for a world with easy answers and everything is known and solved. How can one live in a world with no mountain to climb. This is why I am certain that next year will be different than today. It is because every moment in time is special. Who you are now in this very moment you are reading this article can never be replicated ever again. The person who you were before is different than who you will be in the future. I may never reach the ultimate mountain top, but that’s okay. What is important is not the end nor the goal, but the journey itself.

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