American Empire is reaching its end

Empire and War

For this article, I will write about one of the reasons why the American Empire is ending.

Lets start with military power that is America. American military is fighting multiple fronts in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to a certain degree. The United States has military bases around the world and especially in potential war zones such as South Korea. United States has always back and supported her allies. This has come at a great financial cost. Capital had to be created and this debt was issued to maintain the superpower giant that is the United States. United States and in particular the West have special interests in oil rich countries, and strategic zones. All in order to maintain power and control, because having influence on natural resources such as petroleum or other mineral has historically brought wealth and riches to those in “control.” Especially those in power in the United States along with defense contractors, corporations, and the rest of the military industrial complex who have greatly benefited from this power structure.

Before during World War I and World War II factories, which built cars, would when required just build tanks and weapons for the war effort. This is no longer the case. The United States would later be in constant warfare against communism and the Soviet Union. Fighting in numerous fronts in Asia, Eastern Europe, and most importantly in the Middle East the USA is still in constant warfare, because for the military industrial complex peace is not profitable. As history has shown repeatedly that war and the use of power is what makes an empire well an empire. It is a creature of control. The military industrial complex uses the taxpayer’s money to fund their profits and has the wealth travel to not the soldier’s benefits but to the industries that produce weapons, armor, and other needed supplies. Halliburton is a perfect example of said corruption because it blatantly showed everyone that even construction could boom during wartime. These industries boom because of destructions and it still is not enough. They also of course the black market for even more cash. All for sake of profit. Wars are often fought for resources, power, influence, and wealth. For the United States, it was no different. They fought against their rival the Soviet Union and now they are fighting resource battles in the Middle East. These are all declared wars, but there are many hidden wars in play also.

Now if you are reading this you most probably already understand the moral, financial, and social costs of these wars. Perhaps you even recognize that these are “resource wars” for influence over petroleum. So, what are the consequences of this? Well as we have already seen, there is a growing hatred for not just America because it is the most recent western power to exert force in the Middle East. This increased hatred has lead to even more radicalism in the Middle East and more of the so-called “terrorism.” That has been the obvious consequence, but which could have dramatic implications for the future. The European nations have a long history of involvement in the area and with America just being an extension of this involvement; one would have to guess that eventually they would be a backlash. These are nations with illiteracy, poverty, and radical religion. Just add in corrupt government and social instability this sets up to be a “hot” situation. Especially with oil in play.

Perhaps we will see these Islamic nations overturn and become “democracies” if you could call them that. People in the developed world especially the West will see that having nations actually stand up for themselves (as radicalized or fascist as they can become) will not be beneficial to the dominant powers. This also includes Northern Africa also. Even though Libya is a particular unique situation, it still falls under the “it is an oil nation we need to stabilize the situation.” Now this part of the world will only grow more volatile with all the foreign involvement, social stresses such as employment, economic disaster, and other future disruptions. The future of these oil rich nations of these two continents does not bold well for “global peace” especially with the arrival of peak oil and a developed world that relies on petroleum and an emerging world that also has energy needs of their own.

What does this mean for the United States? Well with a weaken economy, moral, and allies in Europe who are not so willing to jump the gun. Along with more disruptions in the Middle East and Africa, one could easily foresee these situations getting out of control in a U.S perspective (obviously there are some who want Islamic nations to become a force of power once again). Lack of influence and control over the precious resource of oil would be disastrous for the country. Not only would it suffer economically, but also socially and politically there would be consequences. America would have lost its image as the world’s superpower and global empire. With no clear global power, one could only speculate what the future would hold. The loss of hard power in this region would be devastating for the empire. When great powers lose military power and influence, it is often marked as the end of an empire. True it does mark the end and people will start feeling the consequences of said events, but what is even more interesting is that if this alone was the issue the fall would not be so devastating. Yes, Americans would have to live with less oil and decrease its energy consumption, which would be difficult, but possible. The United States over reached and the cost has been immense. Not only in dollars, but also more importantly in blood of American Soldiers and those fighting on the other side and the innocent bystanders who were hurt in the process. Unfortunately, this is only but a small piece of the puzzle. There are even greater dangers that threaten the republic itself.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

George S. Patton


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