Public Information

            You know what I love about the internet these days. It’s that it has become a social hub for human interaction. The best thing about it is that people are perhaps even more open or mischievous then they are in real life. People are more willing to lie about the truth. About who they are because they have a need to impress or just feel insecure about themselves. While others have a false sense of security and are open to reveal things that perhaps they would only usually confide only with their close friends in a face to face conversation.  When I started on Facebook first started up I was pretty much addicted I checked it everyday and left it on for a couple of hours each day. Uploaded pictures and filled out the profile info. Now years later I only check perhaps once a week and for only 30 seconds mainly because I still have close High school friends I keep in contact with. Most of the time all though those “friends” that I have just spam my  feed with status updates and pictures. Oh the pictures. I have this one person who’s more in the category of people “I know but not my close friend” but not in the “acquaintance category” somewhere in the middle of those two categories. Trying not to reveal any of this persons personal info out of courtesy but let’s be honest if your uploading or typing certain things its public(something I can’t stress enough to people). Sharing = public(even though many do not seem to understand that). Well this person upload pictures like no other and yes I know it’s easy now but  this person uploads like no other. I mean every time I log on for 30 seconds there it is. These are not pictures of just the face or vacation. It’s like night life, house parties, and a lot of stuff that many professional would deem unacceptable. I mean there’s lots of suggestive pictures along with the booze and who knows what else. Here I am thinking “does this person realize that companies and others people check this site.” Heck people can also hack personal information and get this stuff  and just expose all of it for no reason at all. At the same time its college life and many people tend to not think beyond the next day. Heck that is just my opinion on the matter.
            Now moving along I want to share some YouTube(like how now YouTube is a word recognized by spell-check) comments I found on the web recently. Like I mentioned before (you post it its public). The subject matter is about cheating during exams. Here are some anecdotes that were posted. Again people really do have a false security when they are on the internet. First one up:
Take photos of the notes with iPhone, turn down brightness, organize notes into folders by topic/subject, take wall seat second from back to avoid suspicion and rest phone on lap shielding eyes with non-writing hand “resting” your head. The dudes sitting next to me don’t even notice.
So he or she misspelled organize but yet again I can’t criticize because I have horrible grammar. I still wonder why I blog. Perhaps I still believe I can improve. The iPhone cheat is pretty common nothing new, my High School teacher would tell you to put your phone on the ground face down. Now you may ask what if the you didn’t have a phone. I often wondered that myself but everyone had a cell phone. When I went to college the teachers didn’t have same policy but if you got caught man you were SCREWED. Well if you cheat anytime you are screwed unless your an athlete who brings in the money or a rich boy.
Next up:
 I had many a male teacher in high school, and was lucky enough to have large breasts. I would simply write my answers on a tiny piece of paper and come the day of the test I would wear a shirt I could see down. I would place the tiny cheat sheet between them. I never got caught because really how would a teacher explain that? “Oh, I was looking down her shirt and caught her cheating.”??? I don’t think so… XD
            I  like this one. I am not a women so this would ever cross my mind but this one is pretty smart. What is funny about this is that women complain about being objectified as sex objects and yet here is an example of some girl using it to her advantage because it’s true the teacher can’t be caught looking at a student sexually. I sometimes wonder why women don’t run the world especially good looking women. Men tend to think with their pants. I’ll have to admit I do also sometimes. Hot women can get away with a lot, but women in general should. Perhaps that’s the fear of men, if women are in control they will never lose it.
Next story:
Unlike my friends who taped their answers on their legs so when they crossed them they would see the answer I would just write my answer on a little piece of cheat sheet, then copy it on the table so I can cover it with my test and throw the cheat paper away. Afterwards I just erase my pencil and if it’s pen I use wet tissues for removing make-up.
            This one I have seen with my own eyes. I was in my calculus class(boy do I have some stories for that class). I had this guy sit next to me and write equation and examples on his desk in pencil. All our desks were connection in a circular fashion around  white board where the teacher wrote. Now it got even worse this student once asked me during the example to give him my note sheet for some money. I refused I don’t sell out (I didn’t even end up doing well on the exam anyways). I don’t know if this student ended up passing the class but knowing college curves he most probably did.
            I actually enjoyed during this type of social commentary. Basically if you cheat make sure you know what you are doing and are aware of the consequences of cheating. Yeah I am not going to tell anyone to not cheat because we all cheat in our own way. Asking for a friends notes after he or she took the test or perhaps borrowing previous exams. So it’s just down to what method who choose and whether how socially acceptable it is. 

When will the civilized age begin?

I believe that the civilized age begins,not when we reach solar energy, nor is it when we achieve artificial intelligence or even when humans gain the ability to teleport across oceans . In my humble opinion it begins when humanity can re-construction a society that has a better understanding of creation, destruction, and recreation.A culture that fosters knowledge without prejudice and accepts mistakes as it does success. A society that fosters the balance between individuality and collectivism along with people who have a better grasp that chaos and order mesh together.

A value system is in place that promotes knowledge, understanding, sustainability, reason, and freedom. Where discussions are listened to and openly accepted. Contrasting opinions are heard and are constructive. We can all agree to disagree. A world where there is no state and we recognize that we live as one humanity species and not separate parts. A world that fosters human creativity and ingenuity and a world that is filled with open minds. That is when we truly become an open-source society.Where knowledge is free, learning is free, and most importantly we are free to learn. Self-indulgence, ego, and possession are trivial. That the only continuity is information, where patterns of information is being passed down from generation to generation. Information is constantly flowing. In essence true civilization begins when we stop attacking each other.

In other words until we respect not only ourselves but the universe around us we will never be at a civilized species. Perhaps we will never reach that point or perhaps we will. Such an interesting dilemma is it not? The universe will exist long before and after us. Humanity takes the world for granted a truth which is indeed sad but none the less true. Universe is filled with remarkable beauty. It is literally everywhere from a flower, to a cell phone. Everything in quite remarkable if one just sits to take a moment watch, listen, and see.Yet humanity has decided to fill its own needs with celebrity, status, consumerism, possession, and ego. Yet we can do quite remarkable things. Create an artificial light, a phone, and music beyond imagination.When one hearts Mozart and Beethoven one can feel deep down the genius of humanity.

There is great potential, but it is merely potential. Every person has the potential to be intelligent and have their own unique stories and art. It is why it is my hope that with the internet that decentralization becomes a true reality. Perhaps for the first time in human history technology will empower people who share, teach, learn, and grow to understand each other. Perhaps it is been my greatest disappointment that the internet has become corrupt by “garbage” content of the artificial needs and endless stupidity but yet again it is merely my perspective and opinion. Somehow for the rest of it is filled with meaning and wonder. I respect that even though I may not necessarily agree with this type of value system.Yet is it status quo and even though it saddens me it is something I must learn to accept but, this is a challenge at the same time.

Changing the world may seem hard, but it is like developing the first airplane it takes one step at a time. One ripple leads to another and another. At the minimum I hope that my ideas and thoughts can open doors for others. I charge no cost. I am always willing to discuss with anyone I have no prejudice. If you listen to me I will listen to you. The civilized age man dream of will one day come of age, but one must remember that perfection can be subjective and that is the key to everything.

“Let tears flow of their own accord: their flowing is not inconsistent with inward peace and harmony.” Seneca (5 BC – 65 AD)

Prism of the Mind

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein.

In today’s modern world information overloaded is a very relevant issue. If you walk into any library one can be overwhelmed by all of the knowledge one can potentially acquire. Now with the World Wide Web the information can now seem like it is infinite. I believe that gaining intelligence from information technology will be a key for the next two decades. It can often seem very daunting when a one tries to pursue all of this knowledge. We are often scared of engaging in this life long challenge, because often new ideas can conflict with our own. So therefore, it becomes easy to just not question. It truly is the easiest path to follow, but on the other side there is knowledge which is a form of power and with that power comes responsibility. This is a lesson that is not discussed very often. That pursuing the truth and focusing on the development of the mind is a challenge that is perhaps the hardest in life. A person may climb one mountain to only to find another. During this engaging process new insights of not just the self but the world as a whole is achieved. When the mind is young the mountains are much easier to climb because there are small and the mind is full of eagerness to learn. As one gets older the mountains become taller, and steeper. People become stagnant and less mobile. The mind becomes less like water and more like rock that is stubborn and unwilling to change.

We live in a diverse world where people have multiple interests and it is easy to get a general picture of the human society and culture by merely watching, listening, and seeing for yourself. I think people today are complacent and stop at a certain mountain and stop questioning and asking. That is because it is easy to follow that easy path. It is easy to ignore and hate. To fear and destroy. To think that it is not possible and that it could never happen. That today never changes and that everything is built in stone. We want and expect easy answers and choices in life. If we do A we should receive B. Everything in a orderly and linear progression. We only trap ourselves in such thinking. Thus it becomes an everyday challenge to push beyond those limits. It is a difficult journey and it has no end. Perhaps knowing that there is no tangible award is what discourages many.

Knowledge is infinite. Knowledge is not lost but merely never discovered. Discovery of knowledge is an evolutionary process. As a species we have more knowledge in our fingertips than compared to fifty or a hundred years ago. Yet just like the analogy I made with the mountains after every mountain we as a race open new doors of possibilities. We merely answer one question just to have even more questions. We sometimes ask when will we have all the answers? Will we ever?

Therefore it is easy to just stop and feel secure in certainty. Why venture into the darkness when we are safer in the light? Why take the blue pill(Matrix film reference if you have not seen it my apologies, but you should watch it) and seek the truth when it is not ideal? Humans are often said to be curious beings and in my opinion that is true to some extent. The question we should ask is why and when do people stop being curious? When do we stop our own curiosity? And how?

History, sociology, physics, language, and art are in fact all one. All these interconnected because if you study one of them long enough you realize that you cannot have one without the other. We live in an emergent world where the mathematics, language, and the image can bring color and description to this world. The constant evolution of information makes the world we live in a constant flux and thus provides many dangers because it can be constructive as it is destructive. The Light and The Dark, the battle in between in that “little gray” area which is the very battleground of reason and discussion. I would not have it any other way. Why would we wish for a world with easy answers and everything is known and solved. How can one live in a world with no mountain to climb. This is why I am certain that next year will be different than today. It is because every moment in time is special. Who you are now in this very moment you are reading this article can never be replicated ever again. The person who you were before is different than who you will be in the future. I may never reach the ultimate mountain top, but that’s okay. What is important is not the end nor the goal, but the journey itself.

American Empire is reaching its end

Empire and War

For this article, I will write about one of the reasons why the American Empire is ending.

Lets start with military power that is America. American military is fighting multiple fronts in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to a certain degree. The United States has military bases around the world and especially in potential war zones such as South Korea. United States has always back and supported her allies. This has come at a great financial cost. Capital had to be created and this debt was issued to maintain the superpower giant that is the United States. United States and in particular the West have special interests in oil rich countries, and strategic zones. All in order to maintain power and control, because having influence on natural resources such as petroleum or other mineral has historically brought wealth and riches to those in “control.” Especially those in power in the United States along with defense contractors, corporations, and the rest of the military industrial complex who have greatly benefited from this power structure.

Before during World War I and World War II factories, which built cars, would when required just build tanks and weapons for the war effort. This is no longer the case. The United States would later be in constant warfare against communism and the Soviet Union. Fighting in numerous fronts in Asia, Eastern Europe, and most importantly in the Middle East the USA is still in constant warfare, because for the military industrial complex peace is not profitable. As history has shown repeatedly that war and the use of power is what makes an empire well an empire. It is a creature of control. The military industrial complex uses the taxpayer’s money to fund their profits and has the wealth travel to not the soldier’s benefits but to the industries that produce weapons, armor, and other needed supplies. Halliburton is a perfect example of said corruption because it blatantly showed everyone that even construction could boom during wartime. These industries boom because of destructions and it still is not enough. They also of course the black market for even more cash. All for sake of profit. Wars are often fought for resources, power, influence, and wealth. For the United States, it was no different. They fought against their rival the Soviet Union and now they are fighting resource battles in the Middle East. These are all declared wars, but there are many hidden wars in play also.

Now if you are reading this you most probably already understand the moral, financial, and social costs of these wars. Perhaps you even recognize that these are “resource wars” for influence over petroleum. So, what are the consequences of this? Well as we have already seen, there is a growing hatred for not just America because it is the most recent western power to exert force in the Middle East. This increased hatred has lead to even more radicalism in the Middle East and more of the so-called “terrorism.” That has been the obvious consequence, but which could have dramatic implications for the future. The European nations have a long history of involvement in the area and with America just being an extension of this involvement; one would have to guess that eventually they would be a backlash. These are nations with illiteracy, poverty, and radical religion. Just add in corrupt government and social instability this sets up to be a “hot” situation. Especially with oil in play.

Perhaps we will see these Islamic nations overturn and become “democracies” if you could call them that. People in the developed world especially the West will see that having nations actually stand up for themselves (as radicalized or fascist as they can become) will not be beneficial to the dominant powers. This also includes Northern Africa also. Even though Libya is a particular unique situation, it still falls under the “it is an oil nation we need to stabilize the situation.” Now this part of the world will only grow more volatile with all the foreign involvement, social stresses such as employment, economic disaster, and other future disruptions. The future of these oil rich nations of these two continents does not bold well for “global peace” especially with the arrival of peak oil and a developed world that relies on petroleum and an emerging world that also has energy needs of their own.

What does this mean for the United States? Well with a weaken economy, moral, and allies in Europe who are not so willing to jump the gun. Along with more disruptions in the Middle East and Africa, one could easily foresee these situations getting out of control in a U.S perspective (obviously there are some who want Islamic nations to become a force of power once again). Lack of influence and control over the precious resource of oil would be disastrous for the country. Not only would it suffer economically, but also socially and politically there would be consequences. America would have lost its image as the world’s superpower and global empire. With no clear global power, one could only speculate what the future would hold. The loss of hard power in this region would be devastating for the empire. When great powers lose military power and influence, it is often marked as the end of an empire. True it does mark the end and people will start feeling the consequences of said events, but what is even more interesting is that if this alone was the issue the fall would not be so devastating. Yes, Americans would have to live with less oil and decrease its energy consumption, which would be difficult, but possible. The United States over reached and the cost has been immense. Not only in dollars, but also more importantly in blood of American Soldiers and those fighting on the other side and the innocent bystanders who were hurt in the process. Unfortunately, this is only but a small piece of the puzzle. There are even greater dangers that threaten the republic itself.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

George S. Patton