False American Dream

College. Car. House. Family. Retirement. That is the message sent through the entire nation. If your are born in the United States live in a middle class family maybe even a poor one and study and get an education at a college level. You will have a job and a good life, maybe not the richest but a good life – yes. The American people have been told “yes you can buy that car” and “yes you can buy that home” and why not use your credit lines to buy that sweet new iPhone. Americans have been told “yes we can cut taxes and have deficit running government programs.” It seems they want it all. They want jobs “no more outsourcing” they cry. Politicians keep saying that “America has always survived through hardships in the past and we will again. We will out innovate and out build the rest of the world.” What is even more worrisome is that the American people believe it themselves. They believe this crap. This nonsense that just by saying “college and education” that the greatest issues humanity has ever faced will be solved by themselves that we will just create big enterprises and businesses that will lead the future. The political and social culture tries to feed these lies and false truths to not only the blind drugged happy American people but also the world. “America number 1” and “God bless America” that’s what people hear and believe. People don’t want to hear the truth they want do not want to hear.

For the first time in a long time the American people are seeing that not everything is guaranteed. College does not equal job. Home does not equal future wealth. Retirement is not a given right. When these facts start to become even more relevant as the 21st century moves forward. The American people will be scared and will suffer for the crimes of their own ego and greed. People who have lead us down this path. They are beyond redeemable and it is too late to save them. The problem is with the generation of tomorrow who just stand by and let the ideals and values of the past to dictate an uncertain future. A future that the young of today who become the old of tomorrow must face and let us hope that they have a bit more courage and knowledge than those of the past who are willing to have the generation of tomorrow suffer for their greed and selfishness.

Americans have been told their whole lives this is how they must live. This life is good for them it will bring them happiness. Yet it is not true. Money and power allows for control and manipulation but it does not answer the grand questions humanity has been asking for generations. Questions of human existence, society, nature, and the unknown. The mechanisms such as religion, dogma, capitalism, and free markets is just another device humanity has created for themselves to make sense of the world that they have yet to fully understand or perhaps never will. That is the beauty of it. Humanity lives in an ever expanding universe and a world that is undefined. Consciousness of life is all around us.

Humanity still has so much potential for good or evil. We have made huge advancements with technology, philosophy, science, law, and government. Human history is full of development and richness. Yet at the same time it is filled with war, exploitation, and sickness. Humanity is entering a new critical point and what humanity decides to do with that future is going to be key moving forward. There is no “they” there is only “we.” Humanity is constantly evolving and the next step in evolution will arrive. What humanity had once dreamed impossible will be possible. Human intelligence is always reaching new heights, but we have failed to see the unintended consequences of human brilliance. Humanity must define its own existence.

Western principles of economics, social understanding, and life will be redefined in the next 20 years. Money driven societies will slowly struggle to survive. Material wealth and power will be re-defined and only time will show us how this all plays out. Ideas change over time and many ideas will become no longer relevant or simply have to reinvent themselves to the truth. Humanity will eventually have to forgo escapism, and blaming others. Humanity is reaching the end of that path.

Remember that the truth that has once held to be truth may no longer be relevant.


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