Entry 1: Order, Control, Society, and Trust

People usually tend to converse and hang out with the same people for there is no need for change. People also tend to do the same actions day by day. Many people like to have a sense of rhythm and order. Even those who dislike order or who are impulsive will have some sense of order and control. Societies exist because of our willingness to accept order and control. Communities can only thrive if there is common law and rule. If the people cannot agree in a method to live and govern then there is no society. This is true for even the most basic “caveman” society. Societies are built on trust and necessity because we are stronger together than we are apart.

This social phenomenon is very interesting because no matter how many rules and laws we as humans create. No matter how conventional the laws may become. We bend and break our own laws and rules. These rules that are meant to protect us and let us live peacefully. In reality, it seems that the more rules we create, the more complex the society becomes the less happy and safe the society begins to become.

To broaden the scope of things perhaps this can also explain why people like to uphold, believe, participate, and defend social institutions. Just take for example money. Money is used to determine value, labor, etc. This money flows into every social institution that exists in the modern era. If anything money and trade is the basis of what we would deem “civilization” or a growing and developing economy. In reality, it is a faith-based system like religion. If people were to loose confidence in the money or currency than the means of trade become meaningless. If the paper dollar suddenly just became a worthless piece of paper, the social function of money or that “specific” type of money would become obsolete. People have used various forms of barter, and currencies throughout history. History teaches us that strong economies and currencies are built on trust. If people believe and trust in the institutions that protect and dominate the currency than it gains power.

This leads me to conclude that in reality, society is built around trust. People must believe that the government is there to serve and protect the interests of the people. Citizens must believe that the police is not corrupt and is working together for the benefit of the people. They must believe that the laws are not being under minded and are upheld. If suddenly, there is a lack of belief and trust in the social system. The system loses power because in truth the power of the society comes from the people. The society becomes only as powerful as the people let it. Therefore, the society is always brainwashing the people to protect the social institutions to not question them and to uphold them. It is because we are victims of the society. We as people live within its domain. The struggle to attain true “freedom” is the greatest challenge because even what we deem to be “freedom” is still within the context of the society we live in. The culture that is oozed from the people determines the social values of the society. The institutions uphold these social values for they give what the people demand, in order to maintain their dominance and necessity. So therefore it is the people who give the society the power, the institutions do not have power because it comes from the people. Their trust, but more importantly their belief that gives them control and power. For without it they become meaningless entities. Once the social institutions become meaningless entities, the society completely breaks down and anarchy ensues. Therefore, the more trust a government has the more powerful it is because the possibility of being overthrown is minimal compared to a society in which trust does not exist. With trust, a society can learn to grow and thrive to ever greater, highest than one that is always in doubt and fear of each other. This can be true on a local scale between neighbor and neighbor, but also between nations.

I want to create a new society that enhances the values we truly want to project to the future.


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