A Broken system

The American political system is in shambles. Democracy is on the brink not only in the United States, but also in the rest of the western world that is losing faith in the broken political structure. The Working Class and Middle Class who work day in and day out are feeling the squeeze of a system that does not serve their interests but only those who have the money and accessibility to influence policy and law. Corruption at the government level and the inability for political parties to fulfill promises and take action has left the western world and especially in America in dismay. Democracy is dying in the west and the idea of participatory government may very well be coming to an end. I cannot speak for the European nations but I do feel they are in the same boat as the United States.

The United States Republic is in a constant state of failure. Influences of greedy corporations in finance, oil, defense, technology, and other numerous special interests has left the common citizen in disllusionment in their own society. Nation is scattered, divided, and most importantly leaderless. The few politicians who do speak the truth and wish to act are only victims of the system because they are unable to do so. The people have lost faith in government. They feel they are paid too much and do nothing for them. Government wastes money and resources for the benefit of their own re-elections and future positions with industry. One would think that people would act on such a loss of faith and enable a democratic revolution. Which may indeed may still occur, but unfortunately the people are either not aware or if they are they will not complain until the majority are truly suffering. Democracy is procrastinating and the great test of survival is coming.

It is clearly evident in the United States. Voter turnout is low, but educated and reasonable debates about serious issues and policies is practically non-existent in the country. CNN, Fox News, and MSNCB are dumping out garbage day in and day out, avoiding serious dilemmas, or even better yet promoting elitist propaganda. Merging between corporatism and government has lead to a powerful elitist government. Where the majority in the Senate are billionaires and the lack of regulation on campaign expenditure has lead the nation to have “career” politicians who are wealthy and rich. Are these the people who are supposed to have the interest of the poor at heart? Granted just like the Roman Empire and other tyrannies there have been occurrences of elite families and individuals who may not have been perfect but did in fact had the general welfare in mind. The Founding Fathers of the United States could be used as an example even if they are over glorified and imperfect. They were people who tried to do their best given their time period and social circumstance. At least they did much better than the very people today who are crushing the poor and middle class and sucking all the wealth to the Top 1% while financing a global empire with the blood and labor of the American people.

This can only lead to very radical consequences. Unlike another other crisis points in U.S history such as World War II this will have even greater consequences across the global community. More importantly human history will forever be changed mainly because two assumptions were made post WW-II and especially after the fall of the Soviet Union. Capitalism is the best system for humanity and democracy (free societies) it is the best system so far created. Time will test these two pillars of the late 20th century and early 21st century. Now can these principles survive through a transformation for the better? Of course, but can they also take a turn for the worse that itself is also a possibility. Can both of these ideals be discarded by humanity and something anew take its place. Yes, but whether that gives a positive outlook or just one filled with more war and fear is yet to be seen. My deepest fear is that humanity takes a turn for the worst and the people embrace ignorance, hate, prejudice, and escapism. Those lead to dark places filled with suffering, despair, and unhappiness. Human destruction lurks down that path. My sincerest wish is that humanity moves in a progressive fashion, and leaves behind unnecessary baggaged to formulate a new society in which individuals are ready to brace the challenges of the 21st century. A second dark age would be disastrous in my opinion. It is time for humanity to take its first step forward.

Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form.

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883)


End of capitalism as we know it

“It is impossible for capitalism to survive, primarily because the system of capitalism needs some blood to suck. Capitalism used to be like an eagle, but now it’s more like a vulture. It used to be strong enough to go and suck anybody’s blood whether they were strong or not. But now it has become more cowardly, like the vulture, and it can only suck the blood of the helpless. As the nations of the world free themselves, the capitalism has less victims, less to suck, and it becomes weaker and weaker. It’s only a matter of time in my opinion before it will collapse completely.”
-Malcolm X
The industrial age and capitalism rose hand in hand. Many of the modern principles that society upholds in finance, government, education, and other various areas come from the industrial revolution, markets, and capitalism. For a very long time it seemed that, these truths created by human hands were going to pass the test of time. Yet, with humanity constantly changing, searching for new answers, and a world that is finite this is no longer true.

Capitalism in its current state is unsustainable. Either it will evolve with human need or it will become obsolete. There is no other way around it. As it is set up now it will not survive the 21st century. Why? There are various reasons why in my opinion this is true. I could be wrong or right, but I can only tell you what I know now. What I see is a system in peril. The end of capitalism as we know it.

Lets begin this article with the less theoretical reason why this will occur. Environment. Capitalism and modern economics base their economic models and profits theory from linear ideals/models. Last time I checked the world was a sphere. Earth is an organism and a complex system that has the ability of life. Resources that are used today petroleum; mineral, etc. have taken thousands of years to develop. Yet, our rate of consumption as a human race is absurd. This is clearly unsustainable even with renewable energy. Humanity still needs forests, biodiversity, and even valuable resources. This is not a new idea “green” movements have been preaching this for decades, but what they failed to understand is that capitalism nor western economics can adapt to this reality nor can it accept it. So raising awareness is key, but asking for money and a political voice in a system where cheap oil and money is key to the entire economic system. A system that values “profit” over human value or life was always on a path to self-destruction. These movements did not understand that environmental waste is part of the current system and that it was never going to succeed in the end. The power structure was always in conflict for the necessary awareness and change. Since the public was satisfied with cheap oil, middle class standards, and escapism, they did not bother with this relevant truth.

Humans live in a circular world and thus our economy should be connected with the world around us along with the living organisms that live in it. Humanity needs to respect life. Capitalism does not respect life at least not in its current format. If you go to New York City and see the streets and subways filled with trash one would know what I am speaking about.This system perpetuates systematic waste and it has a built in necessity to constantly need to build and grow the economy. Exponential growth on a finite world is not possible. Capitalism is on a collision course against reality and nature itself.

Next reason is technological displacement. People think of it as science fiction and imagination. This may be true, but one way or another it is the future and how we adapt to it is the better question to ask. New dilemmas will rise with the new technologies, but human innovation has always had its intended consequences and unintended consequences. Technology is really just an extension of humanity and that is why we should not fear it, but discuss the philosophical and ethical implications of technology. Intellectual discussion and knowledge is needed and necessary for a better society. I do not just mean “college degrees” I mean true knowledge (I will get into that subject matter in a different post). Displacement of the knowledge worker and the common physical laborer will begin to occur. I do not like to predict the exact timing because I could be off by hundreds year or six months, but I do believe we have already seen the infant stages of these types of technologies; 3-D printing, peer to peer technologies, sophisticated software application, and supercomputers such as IBM’s Watson. Still early in the embryonic stage, but humanity is getting there and what was once thought impossible is possible. As humans we are often reluctant to change especially when it comes to attack our own way of life or existence. Humanity is reaching a new critical point.

Technology will begin the new pyridine shift and as it solves the problems of the past it will create the challenges of the future. I will not say we have not reached the end, but only a new beginning. The next step in human evolution is near. It will be interesting to see how humanity reacts to these changes and challenges. Not only on an economic or technological scale, but also on the social and political level as well because many of the ideals and power structures of today will be challenged. These changes will occur because of the two main reasons stated.

I will be further developing these ideas in later articles.
“The Internet isn’t free. It just has an economy that makes no sense to capitalism.”
-Brad Shapcott

False American Dream

College. Car. House. Family. Retirement. That is the message sent through the entire nation. If your are born in the United States live in a middle class family maybe even a poor one and study and get an education at a college level. You will have a job and a good life, maybe not the richest but a good life – yes. The American people have been told “yes you can buy that car” and “yes you can buy that home” and why not use your credit lines to buy that sweet new iPhone. Americans have been told “yes we can cut taxes and have deficit running government programs.” It seems they want it all. They want jobs “no more outsourcing” they cry. Politicians keep saying that “America has always survived through hardships in the past and we will again. We will out innovate and out build the rest of the world.” What is even more worrisome is that the American people believe it themselves. They believe this crap. This nonsense that just by saying “college and education” that the greatest issues humanity has ever faced will be solved by themselves that we will just create big enterprises and businesses that will lead the future. The political and social culture tries to feed these lies and false truths to not only the blind drugged happy American people but also the world. “America number 1” and “God bless America” that’s what people hear and believe. People don’t want to hear the truth they want do not want to hear.

For the first time in a long time the American people are seeing that not everything is guaranteed. College does not equal job. Home does not equal future wealth. Retirement is not a given right. When these facts start to become even more relevant as the 21st century moves forward. The American people will be scared and will suffer for the crimes of their own ego and greed. People who have lead us down this path. They are beyond redeemable and it is too late to save them. The problem is with the generation of tomorrow who just stand by and let the ideals and values of the past to dictate an uncertain future. A future that the young of today who become the old of tomorrow must face and let us hope that they have a bit more courage and knowledge than those of the past who are willing to have the generation of tomorrow suffer for their greed and selfishness.

Americans have been told their whole lives this is how they must live. This life is good for them it will bring them happiness. Yet it is not true. Money and power allows for control and manipulation but it does not answer the grand questions humanity has been asking for generations. Questions of human existence, society, nature, and the unknown. The mechanisms such as religion, dogma, capitalism, and free markets is just another device humanity has created for themselves to make sense of the world that they have yet to fully understand or perhaps never will. That is the beauty of it. Humanity lives in an ever expanding universe and a world that is undefined. Consciousness of life is all around us.

Humanity still has so much potential for good or evil. We have made huge advancements with technology, philosophy, science, law, and government. Human history is full of development and richness. Yet at the same time it is filled with war, exploitation, and sickness. Humanity is entering a new critical point and what humanity decides to do with that future is going to be key moving forward. There is no “they” there is only “we.” Humanity is constantly evolving and the next step in evolution will arrive. What humanity had once dreamed impossible will be possible. Human intelligence is always reaching new heights, but we have failed to see the unintended consequences of human brilliance. Humanity must define its own existence.

Western principles of economics, social understanding, and life will be redefined in the next 20 years. Money driven societies will slowly struggle to survive. Material wealth and power will be re-defined and only time will show us how this all plays out. Ideas change over time and many ideas will become no longer relevant or simply have to reinvent themselves to the truth. Humanity will eventually have to forgo escapism, and blaming others. Humanity is reaching the end of that path.

Remember that the truth that has once held to be truth may no longer be relevant.

Entry 1: Order, Control, Society, and Trust

People usually tend to converse and hang out with the same people for there is no need for change. People also tend to do the same actions day by day. Many people like to have a sense of rhythm and order. Even those who dislike order or who are impulsive will have some sense of order and control. Societies exist because of our willingness to accept order and control. Communities can only thrive if there is common law and rule. If the people cannot agree in a method to live and govern then there is no society. This is true for even the most basic “caveman” society. Societies are built on trust and necessity because we are stronger together than we are apart.

This social phenomenon is very interesting because no matter how many rules and laws we as humans create. No matter how conventional the laws may become. We bend and break our own laws and rules. These rules that are meant to protect us and let us live peacefully. In reality, it seems that the more rules we create, the more complex the society becomes the less happy and safe the society begins to become.

To broaden the scope of things perhaps this can also explain why people like to uphold, believe, participate, and defend social institutions. Just take for example money. Money is used to determine value, labor, etc. This money flows into every social institution that exists in the modern era. If anything money and trade is the basis of what we would deem “civilization” or a growing and developing economy. In reality, it is a faith-based system like religion. If people were to loose confidence in the money or currency than the means of trade become meaningless. If the paper dollar suddenly just became a worthless piece of paper, the social function of money or that “specific” type of money would become obsolete. People have used various forms of barter, and currencies throughout history. History teaches us that strong economies and currencies are built on trust. If people believe and trust in the institutions that protect and dominate the currency than it gains power.

This leads me to conclude that in reality, society is built around trust. People must believe that the government is there to serve and protect the interests of the people. Citizens must believe that the police is not corrupt and is working together for the benefit of the people. They must believe that the laws are not being under minded and are upheld. If suddenly, there is a lack of belief and trust in the social system. The system loses power because in truth the power of the society comes from the people. The society becomes only as powerful as the people let it. Therefore, the society is always brainwashing the people to protect the social institutions to not question them and to uphold them. It is because we are victims of the society. We as people live within its domain. The struggle to attain true “freedom” is the greatest challenge because even what we deem to be “freedom” is still within the context of the society we live in. The culture that is oozed from the people determines the social values of the society. The institutions uphold these social values for they give what the people demand, in order to maintain their dominance and necessity. So therefore it is the people who give the society the power, the institutions do not have power because it comes from the people. Their trust, but more importantly their belief that gives them control and power. For without it they become meaningless entities. Once the social institutions become meaningless entities, the society completely breaks down and anarchy ensues. Therefore, the more trust a government has the more powerful it is because the possibility of being overthrown is minimal compared to a society in which trust does not exist. With trust, a society can learn to grow and thrive to ever greater, highest than one that is always in doubt and fear of each other. This can be true on a local scale between neighbor and neighbor, but also between nations.

I want to create a new society that enhances the values we truly want to project to the future.